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Ministry of Economy and Regional Development on 15th of July 2011 issued a public call for grants under the Support Measures for SMEs, which have a tendency of rapid growth - gazelles. Support measures are implemented by the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development in cooperation with the National Agency for Regional Development and the Regional Development Agency : “Branicevo-Danube Region”.

The subject of the call is co-financing of the costs which gazelles exercise in implementing certain activities. 

Gazelle, according to this measure, is a small or medium enterprise which: 

  1. Operates at least three full years (business activity was registered not later than 31.12.2007.)
  2. Is independent and not part of the holding company - the second business entity having no more than 50% of the share capital of the company;
  3. There are at least 8 employees;
  4. It has achieved sales growth in 2010 of at least 30% compared to 2008;
  5. It has not shown loss in financial statements in the previous three years;

The measures aim to improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises, which realize their business successfully in the market, increase employment and develop rapidly - gazelles. 

The text of the public calls is attached. 

Please find the space to publish this news according to your abilities, since it is of common interest for the development of the region. 

Best regards, 

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