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Support beekeepers Branicevo and Danube

Within the "Garden of Serbia", financed by the European Union and implemented by the Regional Development Agency "Branicevo-Danube Region", in May and June are organized specialized training on the subject: Quality and standardization in beekeeping in Žagubica, Smederevska Palanka and Pozarevac. Attending two days of lectures of prominent experts in this field, more than 70 beekeepers from the region improve their knowledge and skills.

Topics covered: apitehnika, quality and standardization of bee products, storage and handling of honey and other bee products, beekeeping, organic production, European standards and regulations on the quality of honey and other bee products, geographical indications of honey in Serbia.

In cooperation with the Slovenian beekeeping federation of 30 June to 3 July 2011. year, organized the study tour of beekeepers in the region Branicevo-Podunavlje apiculture Center Association of Slovenia at Brdo at Lukovic.

During the four day visit, the beekeepers are in the educational and tourism programs have the opportunity to lecture about the work apiculture Association of Slovenia, legislation and standards in the production of honey and other bee products in the European Union, as well as projects in the field of beekeeping, which is financed European Union. The introduction of the "bee tourism" through the examples of Slovenia and Austria, has caused great attention of our beekeepers, as one of the activities that would be realized in our region. Beekeepers also visited beekeeping equipment manufacturers "Logar" in place of Maribor, Kranjska-selected cell fertilizing bees Rog-Ponikve in the province of Bela Krajina, "The school run beekeeping" in Novo Mesto, and some beekeepers household member Union, birthplace of France Prešerna and Bled .

Hosts Branicevo and beekeepers from the Danube were fellow beekeepers - members of apiculture Association of Slovenia, with whom they had an opportunity to exchange experiences and practices of beekeeping and certainly consider possible forms of future cooperation. Thanks to the extraordinary gostroprimstvu host, the entire visit was conducted in a friendly mood, and beekeepers Branicevo and Danube on his return did not hide their satisfaction with the newly acquired knowledge and information, as well as the entire program.

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